I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. Some day’s are just like that. Oh I could go on and on about some of the weirdities and random acts of “you’ve got to be kidding” things we all experience, but this is all about the birds, again!

If we were speaking with each other, we could share those stories.  But, alas, it’s just me with me. And hopefully, I’m speaking to you as well.  If so, I’m gladly waiting to hear what you have to say.

I was thinking about conducting another interview, perhaps the way Dr. Doolittle talked to the animals.

Let’s give this a try:

Me: Excuse me, but are you really sticking both of those peanuts in your mouth?

Scrub Jay: Yes I am. As you can see, in the interest of saving room, one is already shelled. Now, please excuse me, the squirrels and crows are hovering.

Me: I can see you are stately and fierce, but must you scare everyone with your presence.

Cooper Hawk: Presents, did you say presents??? You know I can’t read… I’m just listening. And if you want presents, sure I can show up with presents.

Me: Swell.

Me: Don’t tell the others, but you’re my favorite. I just can’t help myself.  How is it you continue to hang out every morning in my yard?

Anna Hummingbird: Do you realize how hard it is to be me?  I come back all the time because your bottle brush is delicious. But flapping 70 times per second with my heart rate beating 1,260 beats per minute is exhausting.

Me: Well, I had no idea, so have a seat for a moment and I will take a picture of you resting.

Anna: Thanks for making it possible for me to relax.  I believe I’m thirsty now.

Me: How well do you know Rufus? I seem to see him as much as you Anna.

Anna: He’s such a show off. I think he likes me!  I wonder if we could meet at the fountain?

Me: Sorry Anna, you guys just move around too much, it’s not a clear picture, but I can see your wish may have come through!

Anna: Okay, time for you to move along, I know we aren’t the only birds hanging out in your wild kingdom. Thanks for providing the necessary elements for our happy life.

Me: Anna, I have some exquisite pictures of you. I will save them for another time, as it appears tiny as your are; you are taking up a lot of space lately.

Me: Bird friends, my last question of this blog. I was in Home Depot, again. Walking around was this pretty white bird.  I was just following it around snapping away.  When the Home Depot guy stopped to talk to me he said, “That’s Tina.”  Well of course it’s Tina, nice to meet you.  But, what exactly are you Tina? A dove a pigeon?

Tina: Oh for heavens sakes, does it really matter?  I don’t remember my parents, I just hang out here with my Home Depot buddies, there’s always something to eat, I have the run of the place and I would kindly appreciate it if you would just stop following me.

Me: Fine Tina. Do you realize that people from around the world are looking at you. I’m not kidding.  From the US, Brazil, Vietnam, Singapore, Argentina, India, Philipines, Austria, Austrailia, Italy, France, Angola, Indonesia, Qatar and most recently the United Kingdom. I would suggest that you smile and just leave it at that.

Tina: I’m outta here.