Found A Peanut

Does your memory take you back to that childhood song?  Cracking it open, eating it anyway.  I was thinking about how many bags of peanuts I go through in a month, and realize that Costco would probably like to thank me!

There are 3 different repeat visitors to the peanut bowl.

The constant squirrels…

The ever present crows…

And the scrub jays!

In a matter of no time, the bowl is empty. I think from the beauty factor, the scrub jays with their deep blue wings, are the winner.  They are very vocal but they rarely eat the peanuts.  They bury them for later.  They also like to gather more than one peanut at a time.  They’ll pick them up; throw them down until they get the precise combination, before flying away.

They really are beautiful and always give me something to talk about.

Sometimes life is just that simple.