Marsha Interviews Herself….

Since I have been writing the Born To Talk blog for the past nine months, I thought I would take a moment and interview myself to see just what Born To Talk means to me:

Tell me about your logo?

That logo incorporates many of the things in nature that I appreciate most; starting with the green tree. As you notice you also see some birds, including an owl; and a squirrel.  This “speaks” to me.

What is it you like to talk or in this case, write about?

I like to tell a story through pictures.

Pictures of what?

I have a real appreciation of nature, especially birds, but I can be equally happy taking a picture of a leaf, a mushroom or a twig. I also enjoy traveling; and who doesn’t love to eat? All of these subjects make for a perfect photo opportunity.

Do you take the pictures?

Yes, with a point and shoot. Imagine if I actually knew what I was doing!

How long have you been interested in photography?

I would say, since I retired from the YMCA nine years ago, but more specifically the past six years.

What changed your interest?

Six years ago, my husband and I took a wonderful two week New England Fall Foliage trip. I had never been to New England and I knew that I wanted to see what red, green and orange leaves were all about. Little did I know that a few short months later, my husband of 38 years, would pass away suddenly and unexpectedly. That trip holds such important memories of a life and marriage well lived.

During that New England adventure, we stayed at an Inn in New Hampshire that is owned by a good friend and his partner. I fell in love with the location.  That love affair continues solid today.  I try to get to the Inn on Newfound Lake as often as I can.  My friends provide the backdrop for a perfect experience for me to meet others and share the wonders of nature in their community.  I have developed an entirely new community of friends I refer to as my “Inn Kin.”

Alright, I’ve noticed that many of your blogs start with a lyric or title of a song. Can you tell me more about that?

I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember; probably starting with American Bandstand.  I remember listening to a couple of local radio stations on my very own turquoise transistor radio, which I still have to this date.

There was a period in my life while raising the kids in the mid 70’s until the mid 90’s, where my radio centered more on “talk radio” and sports.

I’ve come full circle. Now classic rock is my favorite music genre, I found The Sound.

I’ve also noticed that you have done some extensive traveling in the past 5 years. Tell me about your worldwide travels?

It’s true.  I have been very fortunate to have traveled all over the world from South America, Europe and most recently Vietnam. But I also love our own beautiful country as well.

Like most things in my life, everything starts with a relationship.  I have the best friends that anyone could hope to have.  Not only do we travel together but equally important, we truly care about each other. Next stop, New England with the girls!

You’ve mentioned that you like to integrate your blogs with your photos of your travels, birds, and nature along with your love of music.   Other times you seem to lead the way with a sprinkling of food, sports, and some random thoughts.  My question for you is, why write a blog?

I am truly blessed, and I understand that there are times when that is a very overused phrase, but for me, it feels so true.  I’m grateful for all my friends both old and new.

One of my “newer” friends saw something in me, which I frankly didn’t see in myself.  She saw the potential for me to talk with others and to bring that conversation to the radio.  I probably ask more questions than most people I know.

To answer your question, why write a blog?  It’s just another form of communication. This is an opportunity to share something about my everyday life.  As in the song title; the Four Seasons got it right…”Oh, What A Life.”

Where do you go from here?

My goal is to go from the blog to the dial; in this case, the internet.  Technology is moving so rapidly.  Radio does not necessarily mean, AM or FM anymore. Also, this format will not just be audio but visual as well.  I intend to still write and hope to improve; although I may truly be the queen of the fragmented sentence.

I see the Radio Show as an opportunity to interview and chat with people I know and people I don’t know about what we have in common.  Those commonalities just take a little work, sometimes it starts with advertising on a T-shirt or cap.  I don’t need much to get started; it could just simply be a smile.  Most people like to share something about themselves if the setting is right. I’m interested in people and their personal stories.

I think, if the camera and sound are rolling, I can find a pathway to converse about anything from the birds in my yard, my chef’s kitchen, minus a chef, to walking around in downtown Los Angeles and anywhere in between. If there are people, I am bound to have a question.  Because…


I was Born To Talk.