Throw Back Thursday

I love how trends seem to come in patterns. I thought I’d jump in with my own TBT. I couldn’t help but notice that if you just scramble the letters a little you’d end up with me, BTT. Who knew??

I’m sharing some of my favorite bird photos! This one is from May 2010. The dove and squirrel just cracks me up. That table is long gone, but the memory of this is great.

I might mention, not only has the table been replaced, the welcome bowl is long gone. Sadly those gorgeous bougainvilleas have also bit the dust. (I was Born To Talk…that’s what I do, which also means I interrupt, sometimes it might be you, often times I interrupt myself…my example of that interruption includes the reviewing of this blog. As I am proof reading, Queen is playing on my radio station singing…what would you guess???  Another one bites the dust, of course!)

Where was I?  Oh yes, back to the fact that the flowers are gone now and the empty branches remain as perfert bird perches.

Just a month later, they are getting along a little better.

In reviewing some of my many bird folders; the categories include: by the year, variety, in the fountain, you name it.  There are a lot of birdies!  Some of these I had forgotten about. I guess that’s the point of TBT.

I believe this pigeon may be wearing a bullet proof vest, what do you think?

If you have been following along with my blogs you know I have some favorite birds, scrub jays are one of them.  This is one a very few instances where they were both on the table at the same time.

Taken in June 2009; there is some emotion attached to this picture for me.  I didn’t realize how soon after Butch passed away that I started photographing the birds; just another reason to appreciate what we had and what I have today. I guess my motto is: Continue to live in the present because isn’t life really a present when you think about it?

Finally, I will leave you with this beauty taken 5 years ago today!

The black-headed grosbeak.  Bird fact of the day: His cousin is a northern cardinal.

Does your upcoming Friday feel a little freaky?  Or as my big guy would say…