Time Passages

Well I’m not the kind to live in the past
The years run too short and the days too fast 

I love that song, by Al Stewart from 1978.  If you haven’t heard it lately, check it out!

What prompted the thought about time was just how many minutes there are in a week.

Have you ever calculated it?  The answer is a whopping 10,080 minutes in one week.

I found that number to be staggering frankly. Now I’m on this quest, just how do I spend these precious moments? I suggest you start doing your own numbers, it’s pretty eye opening.

One of the ways I spend my time is blogging.  Oh, it’s not just writing some funny anecdotal quips…au contraire…it’s taking the perfect picture to tell the story.

That’s when the giant time suck starts.  Not only have I walked around my house taking pictures of clocks, both functioning and non-functioning…but I’m not a photographer. Could someone please get the glare and the reflections out of my way?!

Little history about the above clock.  It’s a very old Seth Thomas that belonged to my parents. It’s been sitting in my attic for over 20 years. There is a key somewhere.  In an effort to improve the photo location, I moved it out and onto a stool.  What do you suppose happened??? Yep, it started ticking.  Thanks, I have no idea why.

Shall we start the countdown?

Based on my guestimates…Sleeping…2,940 minutes a week. (That’s 7 hours a night and frankly, I’m happy to get 7, it’s usually a little less). No I don’t use this clock.

Exercise, sure that’s a high number….420, oh good grief.  That leaves….6,720…what the heck do I do with all that extra time????  Dust old clocks that don’t operate?  Just combining my mom and my mother in law in one nifty shot!

No I really don’t keep this old Seth Thomas clock on the Singer sewing machine pedal.

I know what you’re thinking…but before we get to the obvious time bandit, I just have to shave off a few more minutes.

Showering, hair, make-up, deciding what my A+ outfit will be for the day. Eating, including going to the market.  Household chores…including inside and out.  I’m starting to feel a bit better. I’ll call that 1,800. I just keep taking ticks off the clock; 4,920 minutes to go.

This bird specialty clock below chirps on the hour, of course!

Hold on, I didn’t account for eating out, 540 minutes.

Love my kitchen clock, has nothing to do with cooking!

Weekly fun stuff; i.e. Mah jongg 240, whittling down to 4,140 minutes.

This one rests in my office.

I watch TV at night when I’m home. That’s a chunk…maybe 1,000.

Another clock that’s just sitting around from days gone by.

So did I just discover that I spend a little more than 3,000 minutes a week on the internet??? You’ve got to be kidding!!!

Grandfather, please help me out!!!

Now hear this… starting my excuses…I have been planning a high school reunion that takes place next week. Many many minutes!!  I’m in a book club…alright, not so many!

I do some volunteer work at my local Y. How can I forget my sports teams, Dodgers, Clippers, Sparks?  The theatre.  On line shopping, oops! Finding additional hangers for those bargains. See, it all mounts up.

Then there’s my traveling…I’m not even counting that on this go round.

So, who’s counting?  This little exercise today took me over 300 minutes. Sure there were interruptions, that’s what life is all about.

As I’ve said before, time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future. Spend it well my friends.  I try to!

Even if I am a little coo coo!