Let’s Take A Walk in Boston

Every city has its own keen personality. In less than 2 full days we got a sense of history and tradition in Boston.

What makes a city tick? Could it be their sports?  You can’t argue that Boston has great fans following the Red Sox, Celtics, Patroits and Bruins.

Maybe you want to explore the city by foot.  As we rounded the corner on one of the many windy streets, we came upon this mural.  What a hidden surprise.

After spending time on the trolly, we were able to circle back to see some incredible old churches.

Here are the ones we saw along our walk.

The Old South Church, 1669.

The Park Street Congregational Church, 1809

The Church of the Covenant, 1867.

Trinity Church, 1872.

With all these churches you can expect some interesting and historic burial grounds. As an example, The King’s Chapel Burying Ground.

These headstones are examples of three of the commonly used ones.

So long Boston, we’re off to the Cape…Day 3