Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

It’s the New Year, and what better way to get things going then a girls trip to Las Vegas to celebrate our friend’s birthday.  Most of the time, we have driven, but this time we decided to fly.  I’m a “sit at the window” person because on any given flight, you can see such spectacular sights of our great country.  This trip was no exception. Check out the view as we were approaching the Las Vegas airport.Once we landed, it was time to eat.  I didn’t make any resolutions regarding reducing salt and fat in my diet, so this was a no brainer!  The french fries are just out of view.What happened next was a first for me. I won on the slots. It was really incredible. On a 35 cent spin, I hit a bonus that went on forever. Here is the result on that ONE spin.But I wasn’t done, playing the same fun game, Lord Of The Rings, I won again!My friend lives on a golf course. The bunnies keep the grass mowed!Time to eat again, this time we went to Giada’s at The Cromwell. Let’s start with my Bloody Mary and Sangria, for Lee.Muffuletta mortadella, finocchiona, porchetta, prosciutto cotto, aged provolone with  zucchini scapecce. (This is simply delicious skinny skinny potatoes and zucchini!)Maybe you would prefer the lobster roll that Mary enjoyed!! Are you kidding?Of course we had a little dessert. Just a few Zeppoles, Citrus Infused Italian Doughnuts and an Assorted Cookie Platter.Can it get any better?  Of course it can!!  What an incredible show!!And we’re not done yet! The new attraction…The High Roller, modeled after The Eye in London.We were fortunate. We had the “pod” all to ourselves as we assended to 550 feet! The rotation takes about 30 minutes. For any of you that would skip a Ferris Wheel experience, I would encourage you to give this a go. It moves so slow that you barely feel yourself moving and there is no swinging sensation.The sights of the airport were great.We really were over the moon!!!For good measure before we flew home; just one more salty fatty meal. I could only eat half of this, but man was it good!! Yes, I am going back to the Y!!Did the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun??? You bet!!!