Live Long and Prosper

People come into our lives in a variety of ways. Our family and friends are a tremendous resource that leads to a full and rich life.  Sometimes the people we also love and admire are from a distance, as in the case of Leonard Nimoy.

Iconic words that are always attached to him…

Live Long and Prosper

I have been thinking about the many people in my life that continue to help me reach the goal of Living a Long Life and Prospering.

I had the pleasure of attending a birthday party for my friend Shari’s dad. We all got together to celebrate his 90th birthday.  Imagine what has happened in the world in these past 90 years. While Virginia, the love of his life, passed away just over 2 years ago, Bob continues to prosper after 67 years of marriage.  I hope if I am as fortunate to live to be 90; I will have as much vim and vigor!

We don’t have control of all aspects of our lives, but for those parts that we do, why not live it with the full intention of living long and prosperous?

I’m slightly melancholy because I am approaching yet another anniversary of the passing of my husband, Butch.  While he didn’t live long, he did prosper and live the life he dreamed and planned for; both professionally and personally.

I’ve tried to approach my life the same in my “new normal.” Butch was a huge Star Trek fan.  Leonard NImoy was a regular visitor to our living room for many years. What a voice, can’t you still hear it after all these years?

That’s how memories work. They light the corners of our minds, misty water-colored memories, of the way we were.

What about our future memories?  Where does the path take you and me; less travelled, tried and true or simply staying in a rut.

I have taken a path that has led me to places I could have never imagined, from South America, Europe, Vietnam and my latest trip to Turkey and Greece.  I’ll be writing about that trip once I return home.

This is not to exclude all the fantastic places right here in the beautiful U S of A! My adventures have taken me to my happy place at the Inn on Newfound Lake on many occasions over every season.

I’ve been with the girls to the New Jersey Shore, Cape Cod, Hilton Head and New England; and that’s just the travel side of my “new normal.”

What about my latest investment of time and energy, this Born To Talk blog, which started 15 months ago? I always knew I could talk, but I can assure you, writing is much more difficult for me than just blabbing.

Then photography entered my universe allowing me to explore a creative side of my spirit.  I didn’t know I even liked taking photos.  It was an easy transition, because feeding the wild birds and squirrels in my yard; was and continues to be such a pleasure. Photographing them is instant gratification.

When you combine the wildlife with the travels and let’s not forget food, an entire new layer of joy develops in the world of photography. Why not post on Twitter? Okay!!

Sticking with the theme here of living a long life and prospering; I continue to struggle to eat a healthy diet; hey I’m a long way from perfect. I do walk every day with my buddies at 6:00am, Monday through Friday.  I still have a personal trainer to keep me focused on my core, not just values; I’ll have you know, but strength as well.

Let’s add prospering. As defined in the dictionary, prosper means to be successful, to flourish, to be fortunate. Sure it can have an economic bent; and maybe Mr. Spock had that in mind.  But for me, I think living a prosperous life only happens with a positive attitude and the good fortune of the people in your life.

It started with great parents that loved me.  I count on my younger brother for his love and support. No one has known me better or longer.

My kids and close friends are the supporting actors in my stage play. My life could not be complete with them.

So what’s next? I’m reaching my new goal of having my own radio show. Yes, it’s true. Perhaps you’ve always been curious about the name of this blog, Born To Talk Radio Show, and wondered, about the Radio Show part.  The Born To Talk is pretty obvious, if you know me or you’re getting to know me.

Beginning on Monday April 13th at 1:00 PM, you will be able to listen and watch me streaming live on   

It would be an understatement to say that I’m excited! I will release an official launch story very soon.

Do I feel prosperous?  You bet I do!! Am I living the life I could have imagined for myself 6 years ago? Probably not, but my eyes are wide open and I’m ready to play.

Let me leave you with this thought of the day.

Regardless of your age, your relationships and your dreams; live in the moment and plan for the future. Understand that your life and my life are really meant to be appreciated and purposeful. Loves will come, some will leave. We can’t determine the timing for that; it’s up to us to live long and prosper.

Don’t squander your opportunities to give to others with the entire purpose of giving, sharing and connecting; everyone’s lives are enriched with that intention.

Mr. Spock wouldn’t want it any other way.

RIP in your new galaxy, far far away, but not too far to teach us important lessons.