The Flamingo Habitat

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas; so goes the slogan.  That seems to suggest, that your good time should remain a secret.  I suppose if you’re hiding something that may work, but I’ve got a secret that I am going to share.

The Flamingo Hotel is more than just a place to stay and gamble.Amongst all the glitz in Vegas is The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat, established in 1995. There are over 60 exotic birds, as well as 20 turtles and over 300 large fish.  They are accredited by the Zoological Association of America and certified by the National Wildlife Federation.

I’ve been going to Las Vegas for a long time and never knew this existed. I went crazy. Starting with the Blue and Gold Macaw.This is a Catalina Macaw.Military Macaw.Red and Green Macaw.Harlequin Macaw.Enough already!! Move on, I believe there are actually flamingos and ducks somewhere.Chilean Flamingo.Sacred Ibis.Black-Necked Swan.California Brown Pelican.Hooded Merganser. This was a first for me! Can you imagine how fast my heart was beating?!Northern Cinnamon Teal.Red-Crested Pochard.Radjah Shelduck.Water Turtles.Japanese Koi.I know this is a ton of photos, but I was thrilled to have this opportunity and happy I could share it with you. I might add, I have very patient friends that waited for me to run around snapping all these photos!!!  This is just a sampling of them.

Now it’s nap time. But I always have my eyes focused on the next blog!