Almost Done In Athens

How often do you attempt to learn a brand new skill?  And if you choose to learn a brand new skill, do you find that you can learn that skill by reading a manual or do you jump on YouTube and learn by watching?

How lazy am I?  Fairly lazy when it comes to learning a new skill.  I learn best by demonstration with the ability to interrupt, knowing full well, if I would just zip it, my questions would probably be answered.  That’s where impatience takes over and I have a hard time resisting.

What exactly am I leading up to, you might ask?  After all, there must be a point to this question, even though I can’t hear your answer.

Here it comes…I actually took a 6 minute video of the Changing of the Guards in front of the Parliament in Athens.  It was the second time I’ve ever choose to video anything.

The good news…it’s pretty darn good and clearly much less expensive than a trip on Turkish Airlines. The other piece of good news, I took still photos as well.

The bad news, I figured out how to finally download the video to my computer, BUT, my blog doesn’t support the current format and frankly, this is where how lazy am I comes in.  My intention is to figure it out, but it’s not happening tonight.

Let me assure you, it’s impressive to watch these men move in precision.  Here are a few of the photos; video to follow.

Let’s start with marching towards the ParliamentShoes.Tassels or whatever you prefer to focus on!Precision. Positioned.

Maybe one of the biggest highlights of this entire adventure was going inside the Olympic Stadium.  It is still in remarkable condition.  We had a hand held audio device that allowed us to stop and pause as we took in the sights.

We had to take advantage of this opportunity and simply pretend.

Starting with sitting in the royal seats.But it’s what came next that left me in tears.  I noticed that people were on the track and I was compelled to join them.  Off I went, tears streaming as I was appreciating how lucky I was to once again be far from home and experiencing the time of my life.Then it was time to go through the tunnel, with the full knowledge that so many athletes had been here before us.This is what the athletes saw as they were heading out of the tunnel.Inside there is a museum filled with wonderful memorabilia; including this sign from the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games and the torch.I think this gives you a sense of a wonderful day.  I hope to figure out how to post the video.  But until then, I will close this edition.  Coming up next, random sightings from an outstanding time in Turkey and Greece.

As an example: This beautiful butterfly.