It’s All Greek To Me!

It’s time to see the ancient ruins of Athens I can’t put it off any longer. Come on along, here we go!  We started at the Temple of Zeus.Hadrian’s Gate. The ancient and modern all in one place.Theatre of Dionysus.Beautiful sites from the Acropolis looking out over the city of Athens.This was one of my favorite Churches.  St. Marina Orthodox Church.In the Agora, the Church of the Holy Apostles.There continues to be restorations going on in the ancient ruins.  This is the Parthenon.

The Temple of Hephaistos.I was left with the wonderment of how they actually built these enormous buildings without the modern technology that we are so accustomed to today. When I think about the age and conditions it makes me wonder what people will be thinking about the US and our buildings in a thousand years, it’s a bit mind blowing!

This was just a taste of what we saw. In part 2 I’ll be sharing the Island of Poros and Cape Sounion. Can’t believe what a fantastic trip this was AND the changing of the guard at the Parliament was tremendous, that will need to be part 3!!

Cape Sounion and the Sanctuary of Poseidon.