The Island of Poros, Greece

So much to see, so much to do, without enough time to do it all. We spent a total of 9 days in Greece.  Now that I am home and able to reflect, I’m left with lots of memories. Photos are a great lens as I look back and realize all that we saw.

This was a working trip for my friend Shelley as the coordinator of the EMBA program from LMU.  We were a group of 26 including the students, guests and staff.

I am very fortunate because my only responsibilities are to be on time and to be dressed appropriately depending on what was on the schedule.  This trip the weather was mostly overcast and cold with a bit of rain now and then.

We took a ferry from Athens to the Island of Poros for the day.Sometimes you just get a bonus when you think you’re focusing on one thing and when you look more closely you see that you’ve added something you weren’t expecting.  Thus is the case of this boat.  It wasn’t until I saw this later that I realized that the seagull was also in the shot with the cormorant! I guess you could say this is a special brotherhood!!While peeling paint is peeling paint, there’s just something about the color of this that I find so appealing. No pun intended.Houses and apartments are built into the hillsides, I’m sure this provides them with beautiful water views.We had plenty of time to take a walk.  If you have your camera ready to go and your eyes on the ground to avoid falling on broken sidewalks, you just might see this! Looks like a caterpillar zipper!!! We had to look twice to figure out just what this was.Weirdest thing, they were linked together and on the move.As we continued our walk, we came upon this cemetery.The sky was grey but the water was blue. It’s pretty important to have a boat to get back to the mainland if you don’t take the ferry.Good bye Poros…Taking the hydroplane back to Greece. That was not fun in my personal opinion…but not all adventures are perfect!Next up…Cape Sounion, home of the Poseidon Temple. Here’s a sneak peak!