Me and My Camera…Part 1

What is the slogan, Carpe Diem?  Sometimes I have to just seize the opportunity to take my camera for a walk!

These photos are taken in Playa Del Rey, a beach town neighbor of mine.  Along the Fisherman’s village, you’ll see plenty of boats ready to go fishing, people standing on the dock hoping to get lucky, while the seabirds and sea lions just hang around hoping that they will get lucky too!

It’s around 9:00 Am and I am ready to “walk the gang plank” to get a little closer to my “friends.”  But I wasn’t too successful; as one of the employees on the dock could see I didn’t have a fishing line and told me I need to get off the dock. He cited the reason was because there were lots of sea lions and they have been known to jump out of the water and attack people.  I guess he didn’t really care about all the people fishing on the dock where I was headed!

I didn’t really buy that.  What’s the difference between a camera and a line? Kind of sounded like a line of balony to me.  But I acquiesced and worked my way back up to the walking area, begrudgingly.

This sea lion was just soaking up the sun and holding court in his location.Talk about being relaxed, I guess the only thing better would be if someone threw him a fish! I think he’s winking at me!!He’s just so stately, I’m glad I’ve got a zoom lens.I’m guessing he hasn’t brushed his teeth in a while, what do you think?I can just read his indignant mind…who invited the seagull?Next time the rest of the cast of players, pelicans, egrets and herons, OH MY!

Here’s a tease, I think they’ve had a tiff up on the roof! Do you remember that song?