My Year In Review, Part 1

Who knew back on April 13, 2015, on my very first Born To Talk Radio Show, that I would be writing today on December 6, 2015 with 35 shows worth of experiences to talk about? I’ve gone back and watched those early shows. I have grown during these past 8 months from completely unfamiliar with radio to a measure of confidence today.

Reflection is important to me; it allows me to take a look at how my Born To Talk Radio career started.

I was so nervous on my first show. I had zero experience on how to pay attention to my timing, the camera and just transitioning from segment to segment. Luckily for me I had two women I know well as my first guests!

Christina Davis, the Pres/CEO of the LAX/Coastal Chamber of Commerce.And Gwen Vuchsas, the Dir. of Fundraising for the Playa Venice Sunrise Rotary Club.Then I was off in running. Of course I continued to tap into my community connections, after all, Conversations + Connections = Community is at the heart of my show. LaVal Brewer and I worked together at the Westchester Family YMCA. He joined me along with Alejandra Liera as we talked about Playworks, a PE program for the local schools.In those early shows, I had my notes propped up, I changed the back drop each week on the table and I did an opening monolog, it was all a part of the great adventure. The following week I tapped into another friend from the Y, Mary McGrath and her buddies, Carol Marie and Madi Hertz. Now I had three guests and they are performers, another new opportunity in the making! Toastmasters was another great avenue to practice my skills and who better to enjoy this with then a fellow Speakers By The Sea Toastmaster, Dan McKegney. This show was particularly meaningful because for the first time I realized the vast listening audience an internet show can provide. All of my shows are promoted on Facebook. Dan was able to share our show with an older relative in Ireland. That’s when the light came on that there was real potential to share a show with the world!Homes for Life was my next organization to feature.  Jeff Henson, the Dir. of Resource Development and Dave Bailey their volunteer treasurer shared how their organization is helping homeless mentally ill people in our communities find permanent housing. Exec. Director Carol Liess started this organization. It has helped so many people.My next show was all about 5th grade girls learning how to become young ladies through the special non-profit organization, The Crown Jewel Club, founded by Jane Phillips. Along with Program Dir. Cheryl Abel they told us how caring people can help our youth. Writing thank-you notes to saying hello in a receiving line at their special Tea Party are just some of the things the girls learn.Now I’m really getting into the swing of things.  Show 8 featured my friends from Loyola Marymount University. They were speaking about their prestigious Exec. MBA program. I have had the privilege to join them on 4 International Trips. We were in Lima, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Santiago, Paris, Epernay, Brussels, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome the entire country of Vietnam with a little stopover in Hong Kong and this past spring Istanbul, Izmir and Athens. Richard Stafford, Clarence Griffin and Shelley Wells; my friend of 40 years is my connection to the world of International travel!As I continue on this path, my next group of friends are from the Emerson Avenue Community Garden. Dortohy Stone, Dana Morgan and John Sharpe. This garden has been an inspiration to the local community and civic groups.All of my guests have had stories to share and passion about their interests. Now speaking of interests; beside talking, I love music.  I select the playlists for all of my shows.

Here is what I’ve learned. Planning is essential; communicating with the guests prior to the live show makes everyone comfortable. Music is the binder and serves as my co-host each week as I hand pick the playlist that makes the transitions in and out of the breaks so exciting for me.

I also have given myself permission to take this blog from the self imposed strict Monday, Wednesday and Friday routine that started just over 2 years ago, to the more manageable weekly Sunday Blog.

Balance, is still the key word that I struggle with at times. But that doesn’t make me any different than you.

Thank you for supporting me on this journey!  Come back next week and I will continue to pay my respects to all of my outstanding guests!