My Year In Review, Part 2

I’m continuing to smile and revel in the experiences over these past 8 months. I’ve made wonderful friends doing exceptional things as they follow the passions in their lives. This time I’ve included the links to each show in case you missed any of them.

Here are some examples: I’ve long been associated with the Westchester Family YMCA, as an employee for 10 years and a volunteer for 11 years.  Along that pathway I’ve been privileged to work with interesting people that are dedicated to the YMCA mission.  John Loussararian, Exec. Dir. of the Westchester YMCA, Shelby Hall, Aquatics and my fantastic “adopted” son, that refers to me as his West Coast mom, Chad Maender, Exec. Dir. of the Mid Valley YMCA. These wonderful people make a difference everyday in their communities.

As a Toastmaster in Speakers by the Sea, I have the opportunity to improve my speaking writing, listening and speaking skills with other members with the same goals.  Both Aaron Kleinerman and Gage Bock brought their shared interests as Life Coaches; they are shining examples of implementing what we learn each week as Toastmasters.

If you follow my blogs, then you know I love sports as well as music and photography. Imagine my delight in having Christine Simmons, COO/Pres. of the WNBA Sparks.  I’ve been a season ticket holder since the first game in 1997.  We had such a great time talking about women’s professional sports and her charity work.

I must admit ladies, a handsome man, with a winning smile and a heart as big as the state of Louisiana, can turn your head.  I met John Mese while working at the Y. I knew from the start that he was a man of great character.  Not only does he act, write, direct and for all I know he sings, he is a wonderful family man that loves his wife and daughter to the moon and back. our community of Westchester, a small town within the large city of Los Angeles, we provide opportunities for children to experience the arts.  Linda Silva, owner of Musical Beginnings and Lisa Hamor, owner of LA Arts Collective provide boys and girls a place to learn to play instruments, including their voices and dance of all genres. Can you say recitals, yes you can!!’ve featured many non profits over these months. The Food Pantry LAX with volunteer Kathy Turk shared her experiences as did Rachael Maysels from Food Forward.  Both of these women contribute their time and energy in providing fresh vegetables that are included as part of the food bags distributed to hungry people in our communities. Rachael was my first call in guest.  She is standing in the group 2nd from the right.

For me having my son Dave on the show was one of the most memorable shows I had. How often does a mom get to have a conversation with her son on an internet radio show? That was so much fun talking about the University of Arizona and the Eller Business College. Dave joined me, Mark Slavkin was up next.  I’ve know Mark for a long time, going back to my volunteer days in our local Westchester schools.  Mark served as a school board member. Now he is Dir. of Education for the Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts. This is another example of kids having an opportunity to learn and explore the field of music and dance. in this edition of looking back, I am reminded of two influential women that I spent the afternoon with. Cozette Vergari is the incoming Rotary District Governor and Karen Dial is COB of the Drollinger Foundation.  Both of these women spend countless hours supporting causes that are local and international. It was great to hear about the efforts in making a difference for so many. is more to share next week, as I review my terrific first year as an internet radio show host!