Just Another Day At The Beach

I live less than 5 miles from the Pacific Ocean, yet I rarely take advantage of the majestry of breaking waves, soaring birds, and leaving my footprints in the sand.

I decided to change the trend and talk a walk! Come along to see what I found as 2015 comes to an end.

It was early in the morning; the waves were coming in triple breaks.They do make quite a splash!Of course the surfers were out.But it’s all about the birds for me. Gotta love the pelicans!And the seagulls.There are a variety of seagulls, here is an example.Then there are the piping plovers; they scurry around like someone is chasing them, they’re so darn cute!What blog wouldn’t be complete with the birds I haven’t exactly identified other than they are some type of sandpiper, I think.Friends just hanging out, enjoying the surf.This has been an eventful year for me. The blog has cut back to once a week and has been replaced by my weekly internet Born To Talk Radio show on every Monday afternoon from 1-2 PT.  www.borntotalkradioshow.com on latalklive.com

2016 promises to be an excellent year and I can’t wait for you to join me by reading the blog and watching and listening to the show. They are all archived on this website. You can easily check out any show you may have missed. Please share with your friends and families, last I looked you can’t have too many fans!!!