Broken Wing

It started as a normal day, getting ready to drive away to a meeting, when something caught my eye that demanded my attention. Oh no, it’s a monarch with a broken wing.This can’t be good. How can it possibly fly and how long can it live in this condition? I have to move it to a safe place. I wonder if it’s thirsty. I know, let me move it on a leaf that has water droplets.Try to ignore the old lady hand that clearly must be a mistake, how could I possibly have that many wrinkles at age 18?!! Moving on…now I have bonded with my little buddy and decided to let this broken winged beauty take a walk with my help!Did you notice it only has one antenna?It’s hard to describe what this wispy feeling was like as it climbed up my hand. I’m not sure what I like better about this little guy, his orange wings or his polka dot face.  Mother nature sure has her way with colors and shapes! Now what’s going to happen?  I keep going out to the garden to see if by some miraculous turn of events it’s going to be able to fly, knowing full well that isn’t going to happen.

It’s climbing amongst the alestromeria; I’m taking that as a good sign.I continued to check on my new friend.  I stroked its broken wing. I told him that I was sorry that he was injured and wished I could fix his broken wing. Reminded me of a song by Mr. Mister…”Take these broken wings and learn to fly again, learn to live so free.”

My little friend was in the garden for nearly two days, I kept thinking…Hang On!

Then nothing.What an uplifting ending!  Oh well, this is part of nature and I appreciate all the aspects that come along with it.

Until next Wordless Wednesday…