Meet Russell Neese

I have the great fortune of belonging to a wonderful Toastmasters Club, Speakers By The Sea.  Several months ago, a new person we refer to as an “Honored Guest” came to our Wednesday, 11-12 meeting.

Turns out, Russ had been to some meetings a couple of years ago; I wasn’t a Toastmaster at that time.

You can’t help but notice him when he enters the room. His smile is bigger than life but it’s his peaceful demeanor that catches your attention.What we are learning about Russ through the various speeches he has given; is his connection to his Comanche roots. His family history goes back many generations to the last Comanche Chief Quanah Parker and his descendants from Oklahoma.

Everything about his relationship with his parents, and grandfather has lead him, with the help of Marguerite Tachawwickah Parker and Baldwin Parker Jr. to fully understand the relationship between the soil and water and respecting the earth.

The Parkers were very influential in his life for 25 years. They adopted him ceremonially when he was 30 years old. Marguerite lived to the grand age of 92. Baldwin Buster” Parker Jr. lived to be 93.

Look at this incredible photo of Apache Chief Geronimo on the left and Comanche Chief Quanah Parker on the right in 1903 at the inaugural parade of President Teddy Roosevelt.

Russ will share his passions from life lessons he learned playing football at the University of Oklahoma for coach Barry Switzer as well as his own stories about Mother Nature and how she has influenced his entire life.

As the founder and President of Native Soil Russ is very deliberate about providing services that promote the essence of his great-grandfather Quanah Parker, “Take care of the earth and she will take care of you.”

Both and Native Soil follow the same principles of the Native-owned businesses by using modern technologies and ancient wisdom from customized spill clean-up as devastating as the oil spill in Santa Barbara to using recycled and reclaimed water programs that provide cleaning services to businesses.

Russ and his prayer fan.A master story teller, I know you will be educated and inspired as he combines his passions about Mother Earth and living in harmony with a grateful heart.

You will have the opportunity to join us live on Monday, May 23 on my Born To Talk radio show on starting at 1:00 pm PT.  If you miss the live show, the archived link will be posted later in the afternoon. Check out my Born To Talk radio show Facebook page for all the details.