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Symond and Russell Boschetto

Symond and his dad Russell will be my guests on my Born To Talk radio show this Monday, November 21, 2016.  You can watch and listen live on www.latalklive.com and  www.ustream.tv/channel/la-talk-live starting at 1:00 PST.   Together they founded Share Hope USA www.sharehopeusa.com Here is a quote about what they believe in: “We believe that the opportunity of being…

The Motivated Men of Dorsey High School

My  guests this week are part of the Motivated Men of Dorsey High School. Their mission is to provide strategic support to Dorsey High School administration in promoting academic achievement and establishing a positive learning experience for the young men of Dorsey High School. I have a personal connection to Dorsey.  My mother graduated there…

Brian Sieman

I’m a basketball fan. It’s a dance of athleticism and skill in a fast paced setting. Words like dribble, box out, slam dunk, pick n roll and cross court pass are just part of a glossary of words that can describe the game. That leads me to introduce you to my guest on this week’s,…