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Mara Schoner & Mark Yardas

Special thanks to my guests today, Mara Schoner and Mark Yardas. This show is all about how and why they started their directories Neighbor2Neighbor. Since 2005 they have published directories of handpicked services for our neighbors who value the important contribution that small businesses and nonprofits provide for Angelenos. Their original focus was providing a reliable directory for…

The Born To Talk Radio Show with Yuri Williams

I would like to thank my guest Yuri Williams for joining me today on the Born To Talk Radio Show.  Each week I have the opportunity to share stories about the lives of interesting and inspiring guests. This show is no different. It is especially poignant when when guest is a friend.  Many years went…

Thank You Sandra Porter Fisher, Robby Flournoy & Leisha Stroud

I hope you enjoyed today’s Born To Talk Radio Show with Sandra Porter Fisher, Robby Flournoy and Leisha Stroud. Education was our clear focus. You can Listen Now today’s show if you missed the live broadcast.   It’s wonderful to realize and respect the importance of teachers.  They often hold the key of influencing our…