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Taking a Labor Day Break

As I think about Labor Day, I reflect what it stood for in my time pages of life.  I can remember thinking about how sad I was when summer vacation was over and it was time to return to school the Monday after Labor Day. It was exciting to get the new spelling book in…

Charity Event

When was the last time you went to a Charity Event, where the photographers were taking pictures of you as if you were a VIP? Well, until last night I hadn’t had that experience either.  Turns out, I was included along with my guest; to not only watch a runway show, but also to be…

Beautiful Day

By now you know that this once, three times a week blog has landed safely and comfortably on a Sunday evening. Why, because I have this incredible opportunity to take my written voice and parlay it to my speaking voice. Happy talk, keep talking, happy talk! (South Pacific) It was always my goal, to have…

Pushing My Boundaries

How often do you take a life assessment?  Do you hear voices that guide you along your life path?  Remember those cartoons long ago, where you saw the good guy on one shoulder whispering in the ear of the character and the bad guy whispering in the other ear? I’m not talking about loud or…

My Wild Kingdom

I keep saying that I need to finish my traveling stories to Turkey and Greece and I will. There is much to share about those fascinating countries. But, I’m in OMG Radio mode, because my show Born To Talk Radio premires in 3 short days on latalklive.com.  It’s a one hour show from 1-2 PT….