The Day After Thanksgiving

How ya feeling today? If you were the host for dinner last night, are your dishes washed and put away? If you were the guest, did you get lucky and score some leftovers?

It’s funny to me how I ramp up for a big meal and then in a flash, it’s over. I’m putting away the fall stuff and replacing them with Christmas decorations.

It’s raining, I’d like to be watching some basketball and playing the mindless game of Candy Crush. But instead, I have decided to take an adventure into the world of blogging.

What I realize is that this is not a Facebook hobby, but rather an opportunity to relate to those of you I know well and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

I’m a rookie in this new world. But oh what fun. I am receiving all kinds of advice about writing a blog. I’ve been told to just write like I talk…that could be endless fragmented sentences.

Or perhaps, the advice, keep it simple, should be adhered to. Other advice includes making sure I tell my stories through pictures. I like that one. I have tons of pictures, but I certainly didn’t think I’d be sharing them on such a large stage.

The critical person in my head is just driving me crazy. Does that happen to you as well? I have written several preliminary blog drafts, but that critical person keeps pushing me to rewrite and make it relevant.

So, how do I capture emotion in a picture? And then I got the answer. What makes me happy is the world around me. The sun in the morning, the moon at night and everything in between is what make my life worthwhile!


This was taken at the LMU pool early last week.


Thanksgiving is a state of mind…I am forever thankful!