Make New Friends…But Keep The Old

That’s right my Girl Scout sisters!!

I want to feature just two of my newer friends, with the permission they granted me.

David and I met at the Inn on Newfound Lake in October 2011. I knew I was going to be friends with him, because I relied on his expertise!  He had completed the NH Marathon the day before.  As I’ve come to learn, he is an accomplished Tri-Athlete and Iron Man. I refer to him as “a machine.”

I had walked a ½ marathon in that same race.  Totally not conditioned nor even prepared for the race.  I had just learned about it the night I arrived and competed two days later…in the drizzle I might add. I finished last amongst the walkers in 4:14. I have the shirt and medal to prove it!!

David and I first started our conversation about my blisters.

I just knew by looking at this lean athletic man, that he must have competed the day before and would know something about blisters.  I even posted on Facebook, to lance or not to lance…Man, these tootsies were hurting. He said, drain that fluid, so that’s just what I did. Lost the nail a few weeks. But checked this off the bucket list.


From then on, we have remained friends on Facebook.  I read his post on the morning of this past Boston Marathon, as he prepared for yet another race. He was so excited, no one could have imagined how that day would turn out.  I was so relieved to hear of his safe return to his family and friends. Today we share stories.  I follow along with his life events and look forward to our continued friendship. I might add beside his athletic abilities he is a skilled artist as well.

Then there’s Rebecca.  I met her the first time in October in 2010.  She and her husband were up from Boston.  Then, to my surprise, saw them again the following year when I met David.

She is also a very interesting person.  I learned that she is Professor in the Allied Health and Nursing Programs, at a community college in Boston. She and her husband were just taking a well needed quick break during the leaf season and we had a chance to visit.

We are a lot alike, as she too easily engages with others. Our funny story surrounds yet another guest enjoying the beauty of the Inn one morning.  We had all showed up for breakfast about the same time.  This lady was sitting by herself at the window.  Rebecca was already in the room when I can in. I stopped to say hello and then went to say hi to other lady as well.

Next thing I know, Rebecca is saying to the other lady, I think I know you. Did you study nursing, at Mass. Bay Community College?  Why yes she did.  It had been twenty years since they had seen each other. Rebecca was her instructor and recognized her voice when she said hello to me.  Just like that.

This type of thing happens to me often. For reasons I’ve stated in a previous blog.  We are all connected and with very little effort, we can find a unifier.  Maybe it’s just an interest, maybe it’s something more personal but whatever it is, I’m sure glad I get to play.

I hope I have an opportunity to make more new friends and keep the old ones as well, along this journey in the game of life.