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Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder

All the planning for taking an International trip has been put into place. As we completed day one, I have reflected on the travel and sights.  I started writing this at 2:00 am because I have not made the time adjustment yet.  So imagine Shelley and I singing the Air Force song…”Off we go into the wild blue yonder”.

Here we are as we prepare to take our 15 hour flight to Hong Kong and then on to Ho Chi Min City, which will be known as HCMC from this point forward.

We are on a full flight on Cathay Pacific.  I love how the seat back of the person ahead of me is my eyes to the world!

This handy dandy screen provides all kinds of choices, including music and current Oscar winning movies. I watched “12 Years A Slave”. I can see why it won so many awards, I loved it.

But it’s the map screen that I found to be so cool. I must admit right now, I am having all kinds of technical challenges..so…I find myself all over the place as I’m writing way too early in the morning. Apparently not to early for the rooster outside!

Back to the map…

Also, I have this ritual in the morning.  Perhaps you drink a cup of coffee each day, I drink Vanilla Chai in a Starbucks mug that I’ve had for 16 years every single day, regardless of where I am in the world!  I believe I will be posting “mug” shots along the way.

As we crossed the International Date Line…Do you see it?  Detroit..seriously that man of mine is always with me, isn’t that great?!!

Just a couple of more:

First sight as we are landing in HCMC.

After meeting with our driver at the airport we are off to the Norfolk Hotel, our destination for the next week.  This is one of the lovely buildings along the way.

We got ourselves organized and now we are ready to explore the Ben Thanh Market, a few walking blocks away.  Many stalls of clothes, jewelry, food and tons of people.  Have I mentioned it’s hot and muggy!

Not sure if any pictures will capture the amount of people on scooters along with the bicycles, taxis and busses…and pedestrians! Everyone is jocking for space, even on the sidewalks, you need to be mindful of everything around you.

I don’t want to press my “computer”  luck.  So for today, here are my last two interesting shots of women along the way.

Our body clocks are still screwy. Can’t get any emails unless I create a new email address, bummer, can you just imagine?  Well the rooster is telling me to get into the shower..thus begins day 2.