Afternoon Delight

The afternoons bring much joy when you get outside and explore the natural beauty.  One of the many benefits of travel is to appreciate the surroundings by taking in the five senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling.

Sometimes I like to contrast the west and east coast. As an example; the cow I saw at the car wash versus the cow and calf I saw in the field down Route 3A.

I know what you’re thinking…two different breeds!

The same could be said for the chipmunks verus the ever present squirrels at my house.  I’m not sure which are cuter!

The mallard at the fountains at LMU vs. the stream down the road.

Sometimes there are no comparisons at all.  I was fascinated watching the lake activity on a calm day. The people in the foreground are enjoying their canoe ride while off in the distance I’m watching a paddle boarder.  Keep in mind the water is about 55 degrees!  Doesn’t seem to matter to this lady.  And where is her wet suit?

She had a purpose…she’s meeting another brave soul! The women here just blow my mind!

Now follow me down the steps to the lake view from the dock, where the afternoon water sparkles like diamonds!  Don’t have this view at home either!

It truly is an afternoon delight!  I suppose the next blog should cover the skyfall!

Here is a glimpse!

Dorothy, where are you?