Inspiration, where does it come from? For me, it’s as simple as stepping outside. It can start on a tree trunk at 6:00 am.  What do you see when you look at this?

I happen to see an owl, but it’s all up to interpretation.

After completing the morning walk, I knew it was time to write. But what was I going to “talk” about today?

Springtime has erupted in Wietecha Birdland! For whatever reason, this season I have the Crow family of friends. Say what you will about these noisy obnoxious birds, many artists have sung about them.

I researched “Crow” songs and here are just a few I might mention for your listening pleasure. “Crow” by Dan Fogelberg, “Black Crow” by Joni Mitchell and let’s not forget my long lost family member so many times removed, I don’t know how to count him…Bob, the former Zimmerman, Dylan singing “Black Crow Blues!”

I typically feed the birds around 7:15 each morning. Typically, that isn’t a problem. The birds are flittering in and out, demanding their space and for the most part getting along. The doves are a bit aggressive, but everyone has their opportunities.  The squirrels have their own routine, but it’s the crows!

Funny, they are a bit skittish of the squirrels, not sure why, they’re so much bigger. They share the same “peanut” source, the lovable Saint Francis of Assisi. So fitting, don’t you think?

This morning as I was starting my day, it sounded like a herd of cattle running across my roof. I’ve come to learn, that squirrels actually outweigh the crows.  The average squirrel weighs about 2 lbs, while the crow weighs in about 1 lb. Any way you slice it when squirrels are playing chase and the crows are hoping around forgetting they can fly, it is pounding sound. When you add in the racket that the baby crows are making, I finally decided to alter my feeding time until 8:00, just to give my poor neighbors a break! The crows have become the “roosters” of the yard!

This brings me to the crow siblings today.  Shot through a dirty window in my bedroom, (note to self, these really need to be cleaned) I followed the adventures of these two birds for about an hour!  Really through my routine off, but, hey it’s all about inspiration, right?

Here’s how they started.  Notice the fuzz on its wings. This can’t be comfortable.

One leg up, one leg down!

Spread your wings!!

Feed me Seymour!

I can do anything you can do…just watch!

Show off!

Big deal, one leg!!

Listen to me; I’m trying to tell you something important! I know you can hear me!

I love you!!!

I think we’ve come to the end of the line!

Can’t wait to show the hummingbirds from this week, just incredible!!! What a life!

Come on back next time, as I continue in Birdland, Marsha style.