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It’s A Beautiful Day…Don’t Let It Get Away

Even when I’m home, I feel like the journey is still with me.  As I review my pictures I think about all the great experiences I had over the past two weeks.  It was amazing, such an overused word, let me try astonishing this time!

I thought about the first couple I met.  He is the captain of an oyster fishing boat. He works his “farm” seven days a week.  He talked about the “townies”. Never heard that term before.  I thought it might mean “locals”.

When I got home I looked up townies. One of the things that popped up included a 1996 TV sitcom with Molly Ringwald, Jena Elfman, Lauren Graham and Bill Burr. It was a story about 3 friends stuck in an East coast fishing community. Another definition was comparing them to sheep… people that follow whatever trends are in fashion. I’m just adding it to my new word of the week.

I know I’ve given you a taste of my Happy Place, but I thought as I wrap this trip up, I’d show you a few more of my favorite shots.

This is from Murray Farms.  Owner Dave and his family make this place happen. Such a beautiful selection of plants, many of which end up on the porch in hanging baskets! Or around the massive property as wedding season is officially underway.

Even the “unplanned” flowers like this johnny jump up will appear amongst the rocks. But the planned artistry is something to behold.  Phelps may not qualify as a master gardener, but he is in my mind.

Iris, tulips, lilacs, bleeding hearts, and the peonies, just ready to burst!

And those trees!!! They also tell a story.  The birch always looks like it has something to say. While the sugar maples green today, promise to be orange and red by the Fall.

But it’s Newfound Lake that says it all. This magical place in the Lakes Region is surrounded by the towns of Alexandria, Bridgewater, Bristol and Hebron.

It’s not a giant lake, 2.5 miles wide and 6 miles long. While shallow in some parts, it has a very deep ledge that dips 183 feet.  As I have come to find out, the people that live and vacation at Newfound Lake take advantage of all the seasons.

This particular winter was long, very long and cold.  The hearty ones say it’s not a big deal.  But I can tell you, while they may love to ice fish, and ice skate and snow mobile, as soon as the weather is permitting, boats are dropped in the lake for the season until the freeze has them lifted out for safe storage.

You name it, the skiers, sailors, canoers, (yes, I made that word up) the fishing community, they all love this lake.  I do as well, but don’t expect me to water ski, sail or row.  I’ve actually had a ride around the entire lake, but don’t put any money on me jumping in. Plus, I’d look pretty silly with a cute outfit on and my jewelry designed by Peter!!

There is much left to share, but for now, I am going to say “This is a Wrap”.

Come back next time when I show you clouds and sunsets from 36,000 feet!