Vermont…Here We Come

We have already been Welcomed to…Massachusetts and New York now we move on through the beautiful Green Mountain State of Vermont.

As the passenger (as always) I have the opportunity, through the car window, of seeing the landscape and capturing the sights along the way.  Today, I was struck with the dilapidated buildings.  The weather certainly takes its toll on these wood structures. I think some are abandoned while others reflect some modern technology!

I guess someone is seeing some satellite TV in a room cooled off with a window air conditioner.

There is something about the colors of the fall and a red broken down building that grabs my attention.

Did someone live here?

One thing for sure on this road, the trees were in their peak condition. It’s easy to understand why so many people plan travel time in New England, this is the reason!

Wouldn’t it be fun to live with all this beauty surrounding you and then have a cool sun porch to sit in? I wouldn’t want to clean the windows, however.

We swung by Bennington Potters on our way to Middlebury. Trust me even though we did a ton of driving and eating there is always time to shop! The moose was worth the price of stopping in. But the building was also tremendous.

Not only do they have wonderful pottery that they make on the premises, and great gift selections of all kinds, their grounds were also very colorful.

This is one of my favorite tree pictures of the entire trip. And unfortunately, no one could clearly identify it. If you recognize it, by all means please leave a comment.

Okay another angle, while I’m at it. You can see why I liked this so much. Just when I say this is one of my favorites, the list expands.

We still had many miles to go before we were done for the night. The sky was just spectacular. I just love red barns; wish you could have seen it in all its expansive silence amongst the sky.  Anybody need any hay?

It was pretty grey and gloomy as the sun began to set.  But you can sense the wide open feeling with the farm in the background.

Then we had our last glimmer of the sun as it set for the day.

Now we are officially famished! Time for a burger and beer!!! This did not disappoint at Fire and Ice.

Yes eagle eye, there is bacon and cheese. It’s a vacation…

Good night moon…can’t wait for tomorrow…heading to my 

Happy Place at the Inn on Newfound Lake, New Hampshire.