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Ducks And Birds Of A Feather All Flock Together

All good things must come to an end, says who?  Geoffrey Chaucer in 1374. See I am not JUST a pretty photo album. Now if you Google that saying, you’ll find a variety of opinions regarding those words.

I don’t really like things to end, end; if you know what I mean. What I am trying to spit out here is the last installment of my time at the beach In Venice, California, through the eyes of my lens and the ducks and birds that I saw. I was going to lump them all under the term of water fowls. But I would be wrong…water fowls as it turns out are ducks, swans and geese and birds are birds!

Let’s get started with the easy ones; the mallards. These beauties are easy to photograph because they never seem to be in a hurry to get anywhere unless someone is throwing seeds or food in the water and then they can get a move on. I think they forget that they can fly!

It is incredible when the sunlight hit their feathers.Or the top of their heads.I definitely wanted to pet these guys!And one more for good measure, because I always find the one legged stance pretty humorous.I know that these are surf scoters. I’m learning, but it doesn’t come easy unless they are this specific in their markings. Now that I think about it, ducks have bills and birds have beaks. I never really thought about that before.And I am fairly certain that this is a seagull.Now we are moving over to the egrets. I believe these are snowy egrets, because of those lovely yellow feet.Believe it or not, I think this is a juvenile little blue heron; they are all white when they are young.  See the things you learn from reading my blog. Up next, a marbled godwit. Yep, you are reading that correctly!Now this is when it gets tricky for me. The following are either sandpipers or snowy plovers.  Either way they were so darn cute and hard to catch in the lens because they were always on the move.As I bring this to a close. I would be remiss to not share these last couple of pictures.

This beautiful cat was relaxing in the sun by the Venice Canals.And here is her friend, the Downward Facing Dog!It’s a wrap! Come back next time.