Old School vs. New School

This is an epic blog!!! When have you ever known me to post only two photos and 9 paragraphs?!!

This is it. The Born To Talk Radio Show Blog, now has a voice!!! Brought to you in living color and audio feed!

It’s true!!  Beginning tomorrow, Monday April 13, 2015 at 1:00 PM PST, I will be broadcasting my first internet radio show.

People are asking me how they can go about listening and watching my radio show. What station is it on? How can I watch something on my radio???

Welcome to the New School!!!  This show, being broadcast on www.latalklive.com can be seen live!!  OR later Monday evening, I’ll be posting the link for you to go directly to the archived show and listen and watch at your convenience.

Whether you’re using your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, if it has a browser, you can find me!!!

Am I nervous?? Heck yeah!!! There are no take-overs on a live show!!! I hope my lips can keep up with my brain or vice versa.

I sure hope you check it out.  My guests include Christina Davis, President/CEO of LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce and Gwen Vuchsas, COO of Seco Investigative Services.

I’m sure it will be a great show. With this at the core of what Born To Talk means to me.

Conversations plus Connections equals Community.

OLD SCHOOL…my transistor circa 1958



that you can listen and watch!