Pushing My Boundaries

How often do you take a life assessment?  Do you hear voices that guide you along your life path?  Remember those cartoons long ago, where you saw the good guy on one shoulder whispering in the ear of the character and the bad guy whispering in the other ear?

I’m not talking about loud or even whispering voices, maybe it’s more intuition than the sound, but call it what you may, there seems to be guidance that helps me navigate on my pathway through this life I’m living.

Much like this tree, that represents to me “What?”Or that song that I mentioned way back when I started writing this blog….What’s it all About, Alfie?  What is it all about?

This blog marks my 186 edition over 20 months.  Much has happened during this time.  I have had incredible international journeys, which have taken me to Ho Chi Minh City, DaNang, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Izmir and Athens with LMU.  I’ve been to Boston, Cape Cod, Cooperstown, Middlebury and Bridgewater with my friends and trusty camera.

All of these adventures have a story to tell and a memory etched in my mind.  Now I must admit, an itinerary and tons of photos certainly help recall all of these wonderful times.

But what else has happened in my life is my most recent adventure…the radio!  Not that transistor I talked about a long time ago.But today’s radio complete with audio and visual capabilities!

People ask me all the time, what station are you on? And what are you going to talk about?  Very reasonable questions.

Let me answer them just in case you don’t already know!! In which case I need to have a talk with myself about promoting my show!!!

My show is on the internet.  What was life without the internet, does anyone remember???  Oh some will say, better, simpler, more connected to our family and friends with face to face conversations or phone calls and less time looking down at a rectangular screen in a wide variety of sizes.

Better?  I think the ability with a few quick clicks on a computer to learn anything you want, is better. No need to wait for the next Encyclopedia (and yes, because I am that old, I heard myself sing that as I spelled it!! Anybody else?)  I don’t even know if anyone even publishes them any longer.  I know my parents bought the World Book Encyclopedia from my 5th grade teacher and then added on the yearly update for many years.

Simpler? What once seemed very daunting in the early days of internet now seems like a simple way to communicate.  But I sure remember the first time I tried to manipulate the “mouse” without much success, in the beginning.

More connected to family and friends?  I suppose there are many people that feel they are less connected because they prefer the real deal over watching a screen.  I say it’s all about balance.  How wonderful to share family photos on Facebook or in an email.  How terrific is Skype or Face Time while you talk and see friends and family on a phone call?  Can you just imagine 20 years ago having these technologies at our finger tips?

Looking down at that incessant screen? Okay, this is a toughie.  How guilty are you?  How plugged in are you? How many devices do you have?  Devices, we didn’t even use that word 20 years ago, unless you were describing a thing made for an electronic purpose.  I guess Butch may have used that word as an Electrical Engineer.  I must admit, I do spend considerable time; face planted on my iPhone or iPad. I turn the sound off when I need to be respectful. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit as soon as I can, it’s turned back on.

This takes me back to the question…How do I find your radio show, Marsha?  With today’s modern technology you simply log onto our website.  Latalklive.comI’m going to walk through the steps, just in case you haven’t been there yet! LA Talk Live is part of a larger broadcasting system, America Talk Live. When you see that brought up, click on it. That will direct you to my live broadcast every Monday from 1-2 PT.  If you miss the live show, you’re in luck! For many of my listeners, this is a time of day that may not work for their busy life schedules; that’s where archiving comes in.

If you follow me on my Born To Talk Radio Show Facebook page, the Ustream link is posted there every Monday afternoon. You simply click on the forward arrow and you’re all set to go. Much like any podcast, if you need to stop and do something else, you can come back and pick up right where you left off. If you haven’t “Liked” that FB page, I invite you to do so.

Now let’s say you aren’t part of FB, now what?  No problem, I have an easy solution for you as well. Just send me an email at wyteka@ca.rr.com  I will add you to my distribution list and send you the link to your email address.  For those friends from around the world, this is for you as well!

Now you can all find The Born To Talk Radio Show on latalklive.com or on Facebook or through an email.

Next, what in the world are you going to talk about?  How well do you know me??? I talk, I’ve always talked. This show has a focus and here it is in capital letters:


I have had the good fortune in just 10 shows to have a wide variety of guests.

April 13th           Christina Davis President/CEO of the LAX/Coastal Chamber of Commerce

Gwen Vuchsas, Community Leader, Rotarian

April 20th           LaVal Brewer Exec. Dir. Playworks and Alejandra Liera, Coach

April 27th           Mary McGrath, Madi Hertz and Carole Marie, friends from the Culver City Senior Center

May 4th              Dan McKegney, Toastmasters

May 11th            Jeff Henson and Dave Bailey, Homes For Life Foundation

May 18th            Jane Phillips founder Crown Jewel Club and Cheryl Abel Program Dir.

June 1st             Shelley Wells, Richard Stafford and Clarence Griffin the EMBA Prog. at LMU

June 8th            John Sharpe, Dorothy Stone and Dana Morgan, Emerson Ave. Community Garden

June 15th          Chad Maender, John Loussassarin and Shelby Hall  YMCA

June 22nd         Gage Bock and Aaron Kleinerman, Toastmasters and Life Coaches


June 29th          Christine Simmons, President/COO Los Angeles, WNBA Sparks

July 6th              John Meese, Actor, Writer, Director

July 13th            Lisa Hamor, owner LA Arts Collective and Linda Silva owner Musical Beginnings

July 20th            Scott Tanner, President Food Pantry LAX and Kathy Turk volunteer

July 27th            Open…interested in joining me??

Aug 3rd             Mark Slavkin, Dir. Of Education Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts

Aug 10th            Cozette Vergari, Esquire and incoming 2017-18 Rotary District Governor

Karen Dial, Pres. of Drollinger Properties

As you can see, my show covers many subjects.   All of my guests have been interesting with their own special stories to share.  If you log onto my website www.borntotalkradioshow.com you can read my blog and see on your menu tab Archived Radio Shows. Check out the shows you’ve missed.

This may be the first blog with more words than photos.  I wanted to get back to the title, Pushing My Boundaries.

While it may seem that talking is just a natural thing I do on my show, I have truly pushed my boundaries. Having the microphone in the proper location, still a work in progress.  Understanding that there is a teeny tiny camera, but recognizing the importance of facing it. Notes, notes and more notes, and yet remembering that these are conversations and keeping the flow going with good segues and transitions.

My music plays an important part of show, even if it may be just a minute or less. I’ve enjoyed selecting the music.  Each show has its own playlist. And if you look closely, each show has a different set up on the table behind me.

If you are wondering what the metal B T T stands over, it’s easy…Born To Talk…

I will continue to Push My Boundaries, continue to improve my skills, continue to keep my eyes wide open and my ears ready to listen.  I want to thank all of you for following me in whatever “device” you use.

The life lessons continue and I will leave you with today’s Scorpio Horoscope:

You can learn through your own experience, or you learn through the experience of others by reading and listening.  The second way is more time efficient these days.


Oh What A Life!