Relax and Breathe

How often do you give advice?  How often do others give you advice?  Advice comes in so many forms, some comes without warning, some comes unsolicited but generally advice is given out of love and concern for the most part.

When things get complicated for me my best way of coping other than talking to friends or that mirror that never lies, I take to the great outdoors with my camera.

Photography seems to be my quiet way of gathering myself and filling up my tank.

I have a few places that I like to go that generally guarantees me some good opportunities of ducks and egrets and whatever else captures my attention.

Here is what I saw starting with geese and ducks:Egrets might be my favorite. This guy was doing his dance in the water, attempting to drum up some food in the silt.On this particular day, not only did have a good time in my solitude, but you never know when you might meet an interesting person along the way.

That’s exactly what happened.  I’ve always felt that we are our own walking advertisement either by what we’re wearing or what we’re doing.  There was a young man sitting on a wall as I was approaching the jetty. He said, “Nice necklace is that turquoise?”

I told him that it was indeed. This is a very special necklace, because my friend Peter Hart made it.  Peter is from New Hampshire; he has made many pieces of jewelry that I wear daily.I noticed he was wearing a t-shirt that was from an event he participated in with the word Turkey on it.  I immediately thought, hmm Turkey, I was just there. Upon closer examination the Turkey was just part of what his shirt said; it was actually a Turkey Trot run for a non-profit, that my new friend volunteered for.

We had a great conversation about his life and how he lives minus a car and a cell phone.  He rides his bike everywhere; he is a photographer with a published coffee table book of his work.  At 27 he has accomplished many of his personal goals.

By the time I had talked his ear off, we agreed that we should know more about each other including the possibility of having him join me on my radio show.  This is how my world works.

I went outside to gather myself after some personal disappointments and wham-o great photo ops and a new interesting person as a bonus.

My advice to anyone else trying to figure things out, take a walk, grab your camera and keep your eyes wide open, you just never know what you might see along the way!

Including this as I was walking to my car!