I’m always trying to mix it up a little.  I’m unable to embed a YouTube video; therefore it will have to be in the post description.

I am my own Juke Box Hero…the songs continue throughout the day and night.  It is often the inspiration behind these blogs.

August has arrived; we are fully into summer now. I’ve been affected by this season, differently from the past. While the Pacific Ocean is only 6 miles from my house and sea breezes generally keep my hometown comfortable, with a few exceptions of dog day summers, I have never considered air conditioning, until now.

The temperature of my two story house with my bedroom and office upstairs has reached my breaking point.

So bring it…I’m ready to cool things down just a bit.It’s going to just get tucked up on the roof, but it’s how it got there that made for an interesting morning.Dropping that giant hook and getting ready for lift off! (Wonder if I could get some advertising dollars here!!)Up.Up.And away.It’s about to land!And in just a few minutes, we have touch down!I’m hooked!Just waiting for the final technical adjustments and then…comfort; just a dial away!

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