I Call It Art

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, according to Plato. In my world it’s everywhere. As an example, the Wall Art that I saw while visiting Seattle. You can travel all over the world and see what some find offensive and others find delightful.

For me, I am always intrigued by the skill and depending on the location; it truly brightens up an ordinary wall into something uplifting!

These work of art paintings were side by side along a large alley way. Our destination was to eat the best corned beef sandwich in Seattle.Sometimes you get a photo bomb! Love the colors with the black and white background.Sometimes it just darn right funky!Now we are ready to chow down in one of Seattle’s favorite landmark sandwich places. Yes there was construction all around the area, but as you can see this place has been there for a few years!Manny at the grill.Here’s my corned beef sandwich!!Just another day of fun in Seattle with the girls! Wait what’s that up ahead?…

Space Needle, now we’re talkin’!!Come back next week for more adventures in Washington!