The Itsy Bitsy Spider and More

I’m just minding my own business, well not exactly; I was having a conversation sitting outside with a friend at the Y. Suddenly I noticed hanging above his head a spider on a “thread” making a web.

Eww…nobody wants to have a spider that appears to be dropping out of the sky and landing on your body.  Of course I always have my camera. Here is what we saw after he moved out of direct contact!Check out the side view.Touchdown, upside down. But not for long.I’m so glad I have my camera nearby at all times, think of the missed opportunities without it.

Very early this morning, I was woken by a strange sound.  At first I thought it was a car engine trying to get started. As I continued to listen, I realized that it wasn’t a car at all, but what could it be?  I got out of bed and started opening the blinds to figure out what was making this weird noise. Much to my surprise, it was the Cooper’s hawk. This guy was irrate as he was flying around squawking, naturally I grabbed my camera.

Here it is!Now that I’m fully awake, thanks to my friend, I thought I’d step outside to see what I could see.

Here is my favorite rose, the double delight. Such a perfect name; as it truly is delightful!Once the wild kingdom knows I’m up, they arrive ready to eat. Right now the crows just love me! They sit patiently waiting for the sounds of peanuts hitting the cement.Here comes the sun on this “Sun-day” morning.  From my piece of paradise to yours; have a terrific day. Don’t forget your camera!See you next time.