Playin’ In Playa Vista

I’m so grateful for Wordless Wednesday because it allows me to share what I find so enthralling practically in my own backyard.  These ponds in Playa Vista are less than 10 minutes from my house.  The peacefulness I feel when I’m there transports me from my office to bliss.

Off I go, grabbing my camera in search of a surprise! What is all the squawking about my egret friend? Oh, I need to keep posting…there is a surprise!!!Are you sticking your tongue out at me?And you over there, my mallard friend, are you rolling your eyes at me?Perhaps I need to find a little less attitude. How about these sweet turtles?  They don’t seem to be bothering anyone.The big surprise!!! Mama mallard and her 5 baby chicks! So cute!Get ready for your close up!What a lovely day…it’s so important to step outside wherever you live. I just happen to be very lucky that in the matter of no time I can escape to this paradise!Have a great week. Come back on Sunday when I will feature my guests Jed Mottley and Jack Maher from Feed The Kitty.