What Bugs You?

I understand that bugs play a big role in our ecosystem and thought I ‘d share some of my bugs with you on this Wordless Wednesday.

Okay, keeping it real…of course this isn’t wordless otherwise you wouldn’t see my comments…but as someone that was Born To Talk…this is as close to wordless as I can get.

Let’s get started!

The Dragonfly.The¬†Spider.Notice the blue eyes!Caterpillars crawl.Grasshoppers hop.Yellow Jackets fly.Sometimes they are an unidentified flying “object.”Did you know this is a June bug?Don’t get stung by this Bee.I guess this Ladybug should fly away home.My favorite…The Luna Moth!Those are some of the bugs that have bugged me, hope you enjoyed seeing them!

Come back on Sunday, when I will be introducing you to Christian Warren and Bobby Hughes, owners of the Melody Bar and Grill.