Claudis Bridgforth

I’m often asked how I continue to have such interesting and diverse guests on my show. It’s by design and not all that complicated. First you need to be able to make eye contact when you speak. Next, you need to have some energy. Followed by an engaging personality.

How hard can that be, you ask?  Not very in my opinion. There I was having a wonderful dinner with family visiting from Detroit at a very famous restaurant, Nobu in West Hollywood, their Los Angeles location., when the conversation turned to Detroit with our server.

The next thing I know this very handsome man comes to our table to tell us he was from Detroit now living in Los Angeles.  He is the floor supervisor and is making sure that everything is running smoothly and it was! Delish!!

Meet Claudis Bridgforth.

Of course I was curious to know if he was an actor. His friendly and comfortable disposition was contagious.  I wanted to know more about this man with the unusual name.  Out came my business card and here we are a couple of months later, meeting together on my Born To Talk Radio Show.

Would you move across country to chase a dream?  We’re going to talk about what it took to pack up a truck and come to the large city of Los Angeles, without really knowing anyone or having a job!  Could you be that brave in your early twenties?

We’ll learn about a college professor that help change his career path.  How do you harness desire and turn it into a career and pay your bills?

Classes, agents, auditions, work, work, and work. Hone your craft, re-invent, improv, comedy, music while keeping your eyes on the goal can be challenging. Let’s hear how he manages all of that.

Did you say what about a personal life; that’s important too!  Balance the key component to a successful life.

I’m looking forward to Claudis sharing his story with you. In the words of his wise mom…

“It’s Hard To Catch Anything With A Closed Fist.”  or

The Born To Talk Radio Show

Monday, August 22, 2016 1-2 PT