The Motivated Men of Dorsey High School

My  guests this week are part of the Motivated Men of Dorsey High School.

Their mission is to provide strategic support to Dorsey High School administration in promoting academic achievement and establishing a positive learning experience for the young men of Dorsey High School.

I have a personal connection to Dorsey.  My mother graduated there in 1946 and a very close friend and her husband are also graduates and are active in providing scholarships to graduating seniors.

Charlie Moorehead is just one of my guests on this show.  I met Charlie for over 20 years ago while I was working at our local Westchester YMCA.

This photo features the group including President Dave Richardson, Willard Love, Steve Bagby and Charlie Moorehead.

Dave, Willard, Steve and Charlie are alumni. Find out why they are so motivated and dedicated to the success of the Dorsey students.

They provide support and mentoring to students that are struggling and students that are excelling.  They raise money to provide scholarships. Most important is their commitment and their desire to make a difference.  In an effort to expand their community support, they have connected with Clyde Woodworth Elementary School, in Inglewood to motivate their students and dads.

At the end of the show you will meet Bertran Usher, a recent graduate of Dorsey. He will be sharing what this mentorship program has meant to him and his future.

The show is a rebroadcast from last year.  It was inspiring then and it is inspiring now. Congrats to them as they continue to provide their support each and every week. Tune in on Monday, October 10th from 1-2PT to listen and watch at or If you can’t catch the show at that time, please visit my Facebook page Born To Talk Radio Show to see the link later in the afternoon or right here on my blog at All of my shows are listed under the Archived Radio Show tab.

Thanks so much gentlemen for being my guests!