The Incredible Sarah Tubert

Meet Sarah Tubert! She will be the guest on my Born To Talk radio Show Monday, December 19, 2016. Mark your calendar for 1:00 PST for your listening and viewing pleasure on the LA Talk Live internet radio station. Simply tune in to or  

This is a show that you will want to watch as well as listen to, because Sarah will be responding both vocally and using American Sign Language. I’m sorry, we are not able to do closed captioning.

Sarah has a story unlike anyone I’ve ever had as a guest. She will take us through her personal journey as a child when she became deaf at age 3. How did that affect her life and how did she develop an “I can do anything attitude?”

She comes from a very close family that have been the foundation to support her in everything she does. She knows no limits.  That’s not to say it has been easy. Imagine being a girl that can’t hear without the use of a hearing aid in one ear and a crooked smile.

Is she competitive, you bet! She is currently the Captain of the USA National Deaf Women’s Volleyball Team.  She has been a member of the team as their youngest player starting at age 16.

Ever thought about what would be involved in doing sign language in a language you don’t speak?  Didn’t stop Sarah, she can do that too!

Did you notice that she’s also beautiful? Her outside beauty is equally matched with her inside beauty.  She understands what it’s like to part of the deaf community as well as the hearing community.

Learn about her role models and how she uses her hands and expression to be a role model for others.

Here is a treat for you! The 11 Tony Award winner Alexander Hamilton, is the much in demand play that will be in Los Angeles this coming season at the Pantages theater.

I’ve included her ASL “Alexander Hamilton” YouTube version. It’s gone viral. When you watch it you’ll see why! Enjoy!