Gisel Nachtigal

I love to travel, do you? Gisel is an expert in the travel world and will be joining me from a show she and I did in the first year I was on the radio. You can watch and listen again on my Born To Talk radio show, April 3, 2017 on and starting at 1:00 PT.

I thought it was timely to talk about travel as we are fast approaching springtime. Here she is in Peru.Gisel has tips for travelers that everyone can use. From picking out the perfect luggage, destination spots, packing check list and how to pack effectively, essentional items you shouldn’t leave home without, and how to recover from jet lag, just to name a few!

She has been all of the world and knows about good traveling strategies for a successful trip, whether it’s home or abroad.

Find out what this mystery item is and how to use it.

Gisel is full of information that you can use on your next trip. Then get out that suitcase, there’s a lot to see!

As a fellow Toastmaster from Speakers By The Sea, we both understand the importance of telling a personal story. I’m looking forward to you hearing hers!

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