Denny Lennon and Morgan Dennis

My guests this week are Denny Lennon and Morgan Dennis from the Archer School for Girls

Denny is the Athletic Director.

Morgan is a 10th grade student athlete.

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We will be talking about the academic and athletic programs at Archer. The school was founded in 1995 by three women. They were inspired to start an all girls school based on their personal all girls’ school experiences and having daughters preparing to attend junior high.

Starting as a small 6th and 7th grade school of 30 girls, they have expanded from a small converted dance studio to a seven-acre historic campus in a 1931 Spanish Colonial Revival building. Now they continue through the 12th grade with 490 students.

Their mission statement is, “The Archer School for Girls is an educational community that supports and challenges young women to discover their passions and realize their true potential.”

For those of you that may remember back in the 50’s when Lawrence Welk had a very popular TV show, he featured the Lennon sisters as part of the musical entertainment. I grew up watching them. Denny is part of that huge family of 64 cousins. We will be talking about his family and how he and his cousins started the Venice Backyard Championships. This was a very popular volleyball tournament that ran once a year in the backyards in Venice from 1983-1996.

Fast forward, Denny has taken his athletic passions and brought them to Archer.

Morgan loves English and math and going to Archer, where she plays two sports. She is the catcher and third base player on her softball team, she also plays on a travel time since she was 11 for So Cal Athletics.  When she isn’t play softball, she plays volleyball.

The motto at Archer is “Ambitious, Joyful Learning.”  I’m looking forward to learning more about the school along with the athletic department that includes both Denny and Morgan.

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