Angel City Pit Bulls with Peggy Kennedy and Kathryn and Tom Iannucci

Each week I have the pleasure of having people on my Born To Talk radio show, that have a story to tell. I’m excited to have a show unlike any I’ve had before. My guests Peggy Kennedy and Kathryn and Tom Iannucci have something in common. They love their pit bulls.  Join us as we talk about pit bulls and the Angel City Pit Bull non-profit organization on Monday, August 14th from 1-2 PT on LA Talk Live.

We will have an opportunity to learn about these dogs because all three of my guests are volunteers with Angel City Pit Bull.

This non-profit organization is dedicated to creating a better future for pit bulls by promoting their positive image as loving family companions through education, public advocacy, adoptions, and owner support.  This show will help you understand why my guests believe in educating, advocating and celebrating these amazing dogs.

Peggy has been volunteering with ACPB since its inception in 2010. She is part of the leadership team and helps educate people about the beauty and loyalty of pit bulls.  Peggy is an avid supporter of pit bulls and has two of her own rescued dogs, Roo and Prince.  Prince, on the left, will be joining us in the studio so you can see just what a beautiful dog he is up close.

Kathryn and Tom also have two rescued pit bulls.  Alice and Izzy are part of their family. Both Kathryn and Tom volunteer as well with ACPB.  Tom is a dog handler and can be seen twice a month on Pack Hikes along with Kathryn to encourage the dogs to socialize and learn skills that make them a great family dog.

We are going to talk about how to foster or adopt a pit bull. There are many misconceptions about these dogs. Did you know they are not a breed? How did they get their name?  What kind of support is offered to help pit bull owners be successful?

Like all non-profits, they cannot exist without dedicated volunteers and fundraisers. One of their biggest fundraisers is the LA Marathon held each March. Both Peggy and Kathryn have run this Marathon more than once and they do it to raise money for the Angel City Pit Bulls. 

If you’re like me, it’s hard not to notice a beautiful dog.  Just today, I met a homeless man with his best friend. This pit bull’s smile says it all.  

Dogs mean the world to us and we mean the world to them.  Please join me while we explore the world of pit bulls.  You may just decide to have one join your family!

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