Nurses, Mona Clayton and Lori Robertson

On Monday, October 30th, my guests Mona Clayton and Lori Robertson will be joining me at 1:00PT on my Born to Talk radio show heard on LA Talk Live and Ustream for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Our focus is the nursing profession. Both Mona and Lori are RN’s with advanced degrees.

In addition to having a successful career as a registered nurse, Mona has become a life-changing mentor helping to transform and encourage nursing students because of the “Surviving The Journey Seminar” Tour. She founded “Nurses Roc 2 Publishing, Inc.” in 2007 to provide awareness about nursing as a career and to assist students in realizing their dreams of becoming nurses. The first offering from Nurses Roc 2 Publishing is From Student to Nurse: Surviving the Journey as Painlessly as Possible and its companion the “The Survival Journal.” Her book tour and “Surviving The Journey Seminar” began in January 2012 and has gained national momentum. Ms. Clayton’s focus is on building the nursing community and produces seminars for future nurses by way of the Nurses 2 Rock Pub company in which she is the CEO.

Lori is a Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Director of Ajliss Medical Asethetics, with two locations in Southern California. She is a Speaker and educator providing continuing medical education lectures around the country on aesthetic topics, including the latest techniques in laser use in the treatment of skin disorders.  Her research has led to providing hands on clinical education on advanced neuromodulator and dermal filler use for both nurses and physicians.

Both Mona and Lori are award winners and have a passion for their work. There are many opportunities in the nursing field and we will be exploring those along with talking about their journey into this profession. They each have an interesting life story that I am sure you will find interesting and inspiring.

Each week my guests bring their talents, passion and zest for life to the show. Check out the many opportunities in nursing.It may just unlock a door to your future.

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