Kyle Horne, Founder & Exec. Dir. Together! ACT Now

Meet Kyle Horne. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Together! ACT Now and will be joining me on December 11th at 1:00 PT on my Born To Talk radio show heard and seen every Monday on LA Talk Live and Ustream.

Together! ACT Now is a non-profit organization that provides HIV/AIDS awareness messages through the use of theatre performances to the villages in Malawi, Africa. Malawi is sandwiched between Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia. Kyle has been traveling to Malawi with his family since he was a teenager.

In his last two years of high school, Kyle was accepted to the Interlochen Arts Academy as a Drama major. While he was there he was working in classrooms to help the students prepare for big exams. He came up with the idea to write a play with them about the book they had to learn. All the students were assigned roles and Kyle filmed them, edited it and they got to watch themselves on the big screen. The result, the class managed the highest score at the school. This got him to thinking about this method of teaching.

At 17 Kyle went back to Malawi with his mother, who was a pediatric physical Therapist and was planning on holding workshops and village clinics of her own. Working with a Malawian teacher he had become friends with, Kyle cast a show, directed it initially in English, then in Chichewa (the local language) on a play he wrote, based on Dickens, A Christmas Carol called The Three Spirits.

As they neared their first show, Kyle visited many villages holding interviews and discussion groups with villagers and chiefs. He paired up with a local health clinic, so they could bring HIV testers and counselors out with them. That first summer over the course of 2 months Kyle and his troupe educated 12 villages!

Kyle has had a rich educational experience both in the US and in London. He’s worked in film and theatre in both places. He is also written a screenplay and continues to work on new scripts.

Kyle has just returned last week from Malawi. We will be talking about the impact that Together! ACT Now has had in this country and what his hopes are for the future. I’m looking forward to sharing his stories with you.

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