Lisa Cook, Founder of kidSwim

Lisa Cook, the founder of kidSwim will be my  guest on the Born To Talk Radio Show on Monday, May 21st starting at 1:00 PT.

Swimming is one of the great joys of Lisa’s life. Much like I feel I was Born To Talk, Lisa was Born To Swim. She has been sharing her love of swimming by teaching others for over 30 years.  Lisa especially loves teaching children and parents what water safety and stroke proficiency really means and more importantly how to achieve it.  
In 2001, Lisa founded kidSwim Developmental Swim School.  What does that mean and how does that equate to parents considering a swimming program for their children?  
Lisa has created the kidSwim Method which details how to utilize a developmental approach to maximize effective and positive learning for each child that participates. Her goal is to teach kids to love the water at each age and stage of their development and to become water loving, proficient and safe swimmers. These skills go beyond the water in her holistic method of teaching by creating self-confidence and lifelong skills. 

What should parents know about water safety? Can infants really learn to swim?  Is it ever too late to learn? 

May is Drowning Prevention Month. We will be talking about tips for keeping kids safe and what you can do as parents and grandparents to insure a safe water environment.  
Summer is just around the corner, tune in to hear Lisa’s story and why she believes so passionately about swimming for children and adults.
Remember you can listen to the live show starting at 1:00 PT on Monday, May 21st on my Born To Talk radio show heard on Blog Talk Radio.
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