Norma T. Hollis, Author and Coach

Join me on Monday, July 2nd from 1-2 PT,  for another edition of the Born To Talk Radio Show with my guest, Norma T. Hollis.

Norma T. Hollis is an authenticity consultant who is an international authority on authentic leadership and self-awareness. She researched human nature for over 30 years while consulting at Fortune 500 companies, directing large non-profits, coaching C-suite executives, and writing programs for human development. She uses these skills to help people bring out the best in themselves so that they can create a more joyful and meaningful life both personally and professionally.

Her signature program, ‘The Authentic Voice System adds depth, complexity and content to what it means to be authentic, while offering road maps for individual and organizational success.

Norma certifies and licenses people to deliver this program as well as use it as a self-coaching tool. Norma is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) who is the author of several books including “Blueprint for Engagement: Authentic Leadership” which was published by Taylor & Francis in June, 2018.

She was one of sixteen women selected to represent the United States on a five-week visit to China, to teach her authenticity program to university students. Norma is committed to helping people know themselves because she sees this as the foundation for finding personal peace and making a more powerful impact in the world.

Norma has just returned from China. I’m excited to share her stories and passions with you. Don’t forget to tune in on Monday, July 2nd starting at 1:00 PT. If you miss the live broadcast, an archived link will be available later in the afternoon for your listening pleasure on the podcast options of your choice.

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