Thanks To The Gentlemen from St. Vincent de Paul, Los Angeles

I’d like to thank my special guests from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Los Angeles, for joining me today on my Born To Talk Radio Show. I learned so much about the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Los Angeles and I know you will too! 

David Fields, Executive Director


Ray Sweet,  Board Chair


 Chris Sariego, Dir. of P. R. and Marketing

This will be your opportunity to hear about the wonderful work they are doing along with the 2,500 volunteers in serving the counties of Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara, in California.

Their Catholic volunteer organization’s mission is to serve the poor and homeless of any religion for free. I was inspired to hear about all the programs they offer not only to homeless men on skid row, but to families including a youth camp in Santa Barbara.

I look forward to having them join me again next year once their camp can re-open after the devastating fires and mudslides.

Join me next week for another exciting episode.  

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