Catherine Sherlock

My guest today on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast was Catherine Sherlock, founder of Higher Mindfulness.

To begin with, Catherine shares insightful thoughts about Mindfulness, Consciousness, and Leadership. How does this apply to our personal lives and to business leaders?


Catherine defines Mindfulness:  “Mindfulness – and the be-here-now approach – can actually decrease your awareness and the ability to connect with your greater wisdom.  Surprised?  The effort to constantly be ‘in-the-present’ can keep you in a mental space – essentially, stuck in your head.” So then what?  She lets her mind relax. She daydreams. Now her relaxed mind is able to access new information. This can be applied to all of us when we feel stuck.


One of Catherine’s tips about leadership is her ability to elevate and inspire others to greater heights starts with elevating and inspiring themselves.   As an example, to start from the inside-out, not from the traditional out-side in approach.  Leading from the inside-out is about deepening your expression as a leader. She suggested, by changing our relationships to our emotions we change our relationship to ourselves.  Subsequently, we can live a more empowered life and be better leaders.   The Goal:  Higher Mindfulness is for leaders who want to function from potential and possibility so they can enjoy a richer quality of living and working.


Consciousness, the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.  Catherine speaks about her approach to meditation, connected to the idea of brain states.  They are Beta, aware and alert.  Alpha,  more relaxed. Theta, rest and recovery, and Delta, asleep.  By changing our relationship with our emotions, we empower ourselves by using our entire brain.

When Catherine spoke about emotions, she wanted to be clear that not all negative emotions are harmful. In fact, stuffing negative emotions down she claims is more harmful.  Instead, she suggests by embracing those emotions we can harvest wisdom to evaluate and expand consciousness.  Changing consciousness is removing barriers.  That’s where Catherine comes in, by seeking help to identify the problem and having the aspirations for something more. We can all learn to understand emotions and not give our power away.

She gave an example about how we see things.  Picture a high rise building in New York.  On the first floor, there is noise and perhaps smells from the street.  As you move up, you gain perspective.  It’s quieter, the air quality has improved.  Now you’re looking out from the Penthouse and seeing things you couldn’t see before. Therefore, you’ve expanded your feelings about what you see before you.

In conclusion,  Catherine stated, “You have to understand yourself and your motivations to lead others well. Bringing your whole self allows you to be fulfilled, actualized, and makes you a better leader.”

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