Albert Hernandez

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Meet Albert Hernandez.

Albert Hernandez has been a Rotarian since 2005 and is currently the District Governor for Rotary District 5280, which covers the Greater Los Angeles County. Rotary is an international service club with over 46,000 clubs worldwide. The organization brings together people from many walks of life, most notably professionals who gather for community service projects, business networking and leadership development.

Rotary International is 119 years old and has been active in providing support to end polio throughout the world. Albert started his role as District Governor on July 1, 2024, and is the youngest Governor in the history of District 5280. Albert was positively impacted by Rotary while in high school having participated in the Rotary youth camp that helps high school students learn more about their leadership potential.

Home Again Los Angeles.

In 2015, Albert became the Chief Executive Officer of Home Again Los AngelesThey are a local homeless non profit service provider committed to helping lift unhoused families with children out of poverty and secure permanent housing. The organization is now in its 14th year and Albert along with his team have grown the organization exponentially.  Since opening their doors in 2010, Home Again Los Angeles has helped over 2,000 households mobilize from living on the streets or in their cars into permanent housing.

Their five core programs include:

Shelter. Rapid Rehousing. Outreach. Transitional Housing. Homeless Prevention.

Their motto: Ending homelessness one family at a time.

Albert’s Takeaways.

“Be active in your community so that you can create a better opportunity and life for the next generation. Get involved whether it be through volunteer work, like Rotary, or through employment in a non-profit organization, like Home Again Los Angeles. It’s been over four years since the pandemic and life has changed for so many, if not all of us.”

“Now is the time to get active and to help create change that will help others grow and thrive. Today the cost of living in our region has increased substantially, food prices have increased, gasoline has plateaued around $5.50/gallon, 1bedroom 1bathroom apartments are averaging $2700/month. Imagine being a single parent? It’s tough to survive in our region where we all have deep roots planted. Let’s work together to help lift people out of poverty and to create hope and a sense of belonging for those in dire need.”

In Closing.

We can all make a difference.  Perhaps it’s joining Rotary in the community you live in.  Albert would gladly take donations to support Home Again Los Angeles.  Click on the Donate Now Button.

Albert’s theme for Rotary this year is:

“Team Work Makes The Dream Work.”

Tune in to hear more about Albert’s inspiring life!

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